Televisions and plasma televisions

03 november 2016, 22:48

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What TV to buy for home viewing gear Buyers ask this question all the time lost in the variety of proposed models. On the shelves are the plasma models of LCD TVs and TVs with led-backlit. All have excellent picture quality and clear image. What to choose Modern TVs are attracted to its diversity. However, the entire range can be divided into 4 categories What is the difference let's Consider the advantages and shortcomings of all these models.

The main advantage of plasma TVs is the depth of the color and brightness of the picture. The image is vivid and clear. No, light waves and unpleasant flickering. The functionality of this unit allows you to use it as a screen Pnotebook. The disadvantages of plasma TV include the high price category a waste of energy a lot of weight unexpected failure of the pixels.

The televisions based on LCD technology are much cheaper than plasma and does not consume a lot of energy. They will not fly pixel but the image quality is much worse. But LCD TVs have a lifespan two times longer than plasma. The disadvantages are the small screen sizes, low resolution reduced the contrast a smaller angle. Models with led-backlit constitute an intermediate option between the LCD models and plasma.

Better image quality than LCD TVs and uses less power than plasma designs. Unlike plasma, these devices are lightweight and easily mounted to the wall. The screen of this device can be directly connected to a PC. The disadvantages are the price sector it is an expensive technique. Plasma televisions differ from TVs with no tuner for receiving broadcast signals and the lack of a PA system.

Why you need a plasma TV On its basis it is possible to build a quality home theater and watching television to write for TV. However, if you want to plasma televisions, you can attach the receiver and speakers then you will be able to use it as a regular TV for watching essential programs. When choosing you should consider your needs. If you like viewing essential gear better to stay on the LCD model. If you like to watch movies in great picture quality - plasma is better not to find.

However, the plasma model can only be installed in a spacious room at a close distance the picture is blurred. Budget options applies the LCD technology. Plasma models and TVs with led lighting belong to high price category. For the design of home theater system should buy a plasma panel it diagonal to 60 inches and wide angle.

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