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This course is SOC or of the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering is designed for students of higher educational institutions and those interested in General Electrophysics electrical engineering and electronics. Lectures on electrical engineering were collected in the process of training of students of electrical and elektrotekhnicheskikh specialties. We can say that these lectures have been hard won by blood and sweat of the students. Has been read and processed a huge number of books held many consultations with doctors and candidates of technical and pedagogy according to the method of presentation. In General electrical engineering and SOC is quite a complex subject.

For many students this is as the strength of materials. Everyone knows that something can count, but don't know how to do it. Electrical engineering assaults is given to few. The others spend a lot of time on rote learning or to the understanding of the interpretation and understanding of each topic. If you think these little lectures materials for electrical engineering the basic Talmud or the Bible for electricians is of course the next book Bessonov L.

A. Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering in three volumes. Each volume of the book is so great that they can easily kill a person Beginners this tutorial Bessonova is unlikely to fit. This tutorial is easy and simple to use only in those cases when you want to refresh your memory of some area of knowledge. For example you need to calculate the currents Kirchhoff's law.

Looking for a book to read this Chapter remember we look at an example and calculate its task. When I was just learning the course of theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering and reading materials of the textbook Theoretical bases of electrical engineering Bessonova is understood that and how to do after about the tenth to the fifteenth thoughtful reading. In some cases, had yet to consult with someone to clarify important points. Many on the Internet looking for book SOC for dummies If this book exists it is unlikely many will understand it after first reading. 100% say do not take but experience shows exactly that.

Marcovici RGR and exams for SOC or electrical engineering is a separate topic of conversation. For students this type of knowledge test can be compared with the assault a well-fortified fortress in.

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