Confectionery food printer Modecor Decojet Revolution

03 november 2016, 23:17

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The DAYMARK Wholesale shop for confectioners+7495510-66-87 Moscow+7424245-16-25 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Christmas decor 2017 Began taking orders for the supply of Christmas products. A significant portion of the range has already received in our warehouse. Food printer Decojet Revolution of the Italian company MODECOR is a multifunctional device used by bakers for decorating photos of cakes. This device integrates three main functions copying full-color printing as well as scanning the image. The image is printed on edible paper sugar waffle chocolate colored with food paint.

In the section Food printer video submitted videos demonstrating operation of the printer. Food printer you can buy the code for order - 30580 Please note that in recent years has increased the number of proposals for the use of cheap printing systems printing on confectionery and confectionery ink for printers.Before using such offers, be sure to check keep in mind several important aspects.According to the Unified list of goods subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision control at the customs border and customs territory of the customs Union, the import and turnover of food additives, which include dyes and ink cartridges designed to print food printer for pastry products is carried out only at presence of the document confirming their safety. This document is the Certificate on the state registration.

The presence of this document indicates that the products have passed full inspection and testing for safety to human health. Selling dyes and inks not passed the state registration is considered an administrative offence and selling under the guise of food grade ink liquids which have not passed safety tests and can be harmful to health, leads to criminal liability.Please note that the certificate of compliance for cartridges, is not evidence of health, safety fused in ink. The certificate confirms the compliance with Technical regulations On safety of machinery and equipment which establishes only the minimum safety requirements of the machinery and equipment that is of the cartridge without ink.At the same time not only the cartridges but the system itself is printing the printer also needs to be certified for quality and security.

In this regard, the undeniable advantage of warranty printing devices Modecor is fully certified as a system printer and cartridge with dye. Food ink.

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